Our training courses centre on the theory and practice of Lean Six Sigma and Change Management. Each course has a core syllabus based on Global Best Practice. We emphasise different tools and techniques following a planning session - and depending on whether your organisation is Manufacturing, Logistics or Service based.

We offer the following training courses, priced for individuals from £450 to £1,200 +VAT per delegate day:

Lean Six Sigma

Change Management

Integration of Process and Change

Each course includes integrated change management materials using our own Change Acceptance Techniques (‘ChAT’). ChAT was originally written by the Cambio Group MD and a Senior Consultant in 2007 to underpin our services. It is updated each year. Teams we have supplied all use ChAT to affect change and subsequently have won or been shortlisted for multiple awards (see ‘Who We Are’).

ChAT content is based on our extensive experience and includes cross- reference to other models including Kotter, Beckhard and Harris and GE CLOE. For Green Belt training and above, each trainee is supplied as part of the training with an 84 page toolkit structured around the ChAT model and mapped to the Lean Six Sigma DMAIC approach as well as classic Project Management.

Training Feedback

We fully appreciate the need to tailor our courses to our delegates - no matter how proven the content is!

At the end of each training day we always request feedback to enable the continuation of what’s working well, and to enable immediate changes to any concerns raised for example the environment (catering, temperature, breaks), pace, balance between content and mentoring sessions or daily timings. This ensures constant improvement to our course delivery and so to your success.

After each training course we also collect course feedback using Net Promoter Scores (NPS) and typically score well over 90% promoter ratings (net % attendees who would recommend the course).