The Cambio Consulting proposition is built around a four pillar model of Operational Excellence: Process, Change, Governance and Strategy.

Each of our engagements is planned in the context of these pillars, so ensuring that our work is relevant, successful and that improvements are embedded.


Our process excellence work is Lean Sigma Led. This means that once your change requirements and programme structures are agreed, we drive change using Best-in-Class process analysis, re-engineering and process design from Six Sigma and Lean.

All of our consultants are steeped in the tools and techniques of process excellence and are able mentors as well as process excellence leaders.


All of our engagements rely on integrating our consultants with local experts so that change is both planned and then delivered together.

Our proprietary Change Acceptance Techniques (ChAT®) marries to the agreed project approach, (e.g. PRINCE2®, DMAIC) so that at each stage of the transformation there is a clear focus on the people affected, starting with the team and moving to the wider organisation.

We always agree the vision and intent of the work with the programme and project teams so the direction and need for change is fully shared.


We recognise the importance of robust governance to support, coordinate and drive delivery execution. Our PMO and governance will always be structured using best practice from PRINCE2®, Six Sigma and ChAT®. We integrate our PMO with your own structures and methodologies. In our view, change without strong governance is often misguided and very short lived.


Our client engagements are developed around the requirement for operational and tactical changes to be clearly connected to your strategic plans – and your own Management System. We use a ‘Closed Loop Management’ approach to relate your needs to priorities and processes.

This has directly led to several of our awards.

This simple, highly effective tool ensures that your investment is understood in its business context, and enables process excellence activity to be most effectively targeted - and for more skills to be transferred.